Octa Engineering has been in operation since April 1991 and has been a major supplier of various mining equipment to gold-, platinum-, chrome- and diamond mines. Octa Engineering was approved as a supplier in terms of ISO 9002 and has performed work of an exceptional standard and quality on a wide range scope of products.  As a specialist supplier to various mining houses, we constantly strive to improve on our products and services, by focusing on general efficiency during the designing and fabrication processes. Also redesigning and developing new products, not just for the standard mining industry, but also for specialized site-specific mining requirements. We also strive to generate and maintain a positive impact on the environment at all times.

By fostering an attitude and mindset for the achievement of a sustainable cost reduction and continuous improvement of our products and services, we navigate business relations and interactions to an ever-improving business unity. Octa Engineering complies with the Employment Equity Act to bring about an equitable representation of black persons in all occupations and at all levels of our organization. Octa Engineering has black persons representing the middle- and senior management positions. Octa Engineering is also 26.04% black owned.

We actively participate in skill development programs and are accredited by the “Vaal Triangle and Free State Technikons’ as a provider of education and training, by providing practical training to mechanical engineering students. We are also accredited with MERSETA as a provider of education and training to learners in the boiler-making and fitter-and-turner trades. Octa Engineering supply products on contract basis to various mining houses and currently supply scrapers, hoppers, steel-and plate-work, wheels, chutes & box-fronts and reconditioning of hoppers and wheels, in this format.